Carbon Molecular Sieves

We Are Occupied With Offering Magnificent Quality Carbon Molecular Sieves To Our Significant Customers. With Truthfulness And Diligent Work Of Our Experts, We Have Cut A Specialty In This Area By Offering An Exceptional Quality Range Of PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator Carbon Molecular. The Carbon Molecular Sieves For PSA Nitrogen Plant Is Another Nonpolar Permeable With Adsorbing Oxygen Particle To Get Nitrogen-Improved Air At Ordinary Temperature.

Product Details:

Certification CE Certified,ISO 9001:2008
Colour Blue,Grey,Light White
Product Carbon Molecular Sieves
Shape Pellets
Type Sieve
Usage Drying Air, Nitrogen Generation, Gases Filtration
Features Abrasion Resistance, Easy To Use, Highly Effective
Quality High
Application Chemical, Laboratory Industry
Oxygen Purity 95+-3 %
Temperature 175 °C
Color Black
Manufacture By PSG Engineering Co
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