Heatless Type Air Dryer

Operating Principal:-

In Heatless Dryers, two vessel filled with desiccant are provided which cycle automatically, producing dry air
continuously. In these units, wet air enters the bottom of one Vessel and passes upwards through the desiccant bed
where the moisture is adsorbed. The dry air comes out from the top. A small portion of dry air is passed downwards
through the desiccant bed in second vessel, which is under re-generation. Moisture laden purge air is then vented
out to atmosphere.
The purge loss is around 7.5% of the total air flow. At preset interval, the vessel changeover automatically, and Dry
air is available continuously, without any surge.

Easy Operation:-

This is simplest type of air dryer with Activated Alumina / Molecular Sieves drying agent. This is virtually
maintenance free, fully automatic, and requires no attention for year heatless type dryers do not require any heating
for re-generation and therefore are very simple in design and maintenance free.

Low Operating Cost:

· Due to its inherent simple design, investment in this type of dryer is the cheapest and the payback on this
investment is very quickly.
· Low Temperature operation reduces corrosion in tower and desiccant lasts longer.
· Power requirement is 60 watt only for Solenoids Valves Operation.


· Air Capacity: 50 Cfm - 500 Cfm.
· Dew Point : Up to (-) 60°C
· Operating Pressure: 5 to 10 Kg/cm2g

Product Details:

Weight 10-50kg, 150-200kg, 50-100kg
Condition New, Used
Application Vapor Removing
Color Light White, Silver
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