Molecular Sieves 13 X

13 X type molecular sieve used for household/medical oxygen-rich system is Mingmei’s new product; it has higher oxygen purity, faster speed, and longer using life.

Properties Unit Technical Data
Diameter mm 1.7-2.5 (8X12 mesh)
Bulk density g/ml ≥0.68
CO2 adsorption % ≥19.5
Static H2O Adsorption % ≥27
Crush Strength N ≥20
Moisture % ≤1.5

Application: Medical oxygen-rich system. Oxygen Gas plant.N2 removal in air.
Storage: Avoid damping and any adsorption of water or organic substance before use. Otherwise it must be

Product Details:

Product Molecular Sieves
Form Pallets
Classification Type Absorbent Chemical
Used For Drying Gases, Liquids
Color Yellow
Features Flawless Protection, Usefulness
Application Petroleum Industry
Temperature 175 °C To 315 °C
Purity 99%
Quality High Quality
Manufacture By PSG Engineering Co
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