Nickel Catalyst

Nickel Catalyst is provided with the properties.
It is used in the ammonia decomposing furnace to decompose the NH3 and HCN into N2, H2 and CO2.
And so as to effectively purify the coke-oven gas for the sake of environmental protection and prevent the
equipment from corrosion.

The chemical reaction is as follows:

NH3→ 0.5H2+ 1.5H2
2HCN + 2H2O + O2→ N2+ 5H2+ 2CO2
Technical Indexes:

Type AD-946 AD-946A
Color Grey and Black Grey and Black
Shape Cylinder Rasching Ring
Size, mm Φ18×20 Φ18×20×5
Ni Content,% ≥6 ≥6
Bulk density, g/ml 1.4-1.6 1.3-1.5
Surface area,m2/g 1-3 2-4
Crushing strength, N ≥1000 ≥1000
thermal resistance ≥1300 ≥1350

Operation Condition:

Process conditions Pressure, MPa Temperature,°C Ammonia space velocity, hr-1
0.01 -0.10 750-850 350-500
Ammonia decomposition rate 99.99% (min)

Chemical Composition:

Nickel (Ni) content, % Min.14.0
SiO2, % Max.0.20
Al2O3, % 55
CaO, % 10
Fe2O3, % Max.0.35
K2O+Na2O, % Max.0.30


It is mainly used in ammonia plant of secondary reformer of hydrocarbon and ammonia decomposition device,
using the gaseous hydrocarbon as the raw material.

Additional Information:-

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