Nitrogen Gas Generator

PSA Principle.
This Process consists of 2 beds filled with carbon Molecular Sieves (CMS). When Pre-Filtered compressed air is
passed thought one CMS bed, Nitrogen comes out as the product gas. The waste gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc) is
discharged back into atmosphere. Upon saturated of the CMS bed, the process switches nitrogen regeneration to
other bed, while allowing the saturated bed to undergo regeneration by depressurization to atmospheric pressure.
This ensures continuous supply of Nitrogen to your System.

Salient Features of PSA Nitrogen Plants.

Ø Capacity up to 500Nm3/hr
Ø No fuel is required
Ø Purity up to 99.999% is easily achievable
Ø Low Capitals Coast
Ø Start up time of only 10 to 15 Minutes

PSA Generator Models.

OXYGEN 0.1 to 2% 10 to 500 PPM 1 to 3 PPM
HYDROGEN Nil Nil 0.5%
NITROGEN 98 to 99% 99.5 to 99.999% Balance
DEW-POINT (-)40°C to(-)60°C (-)40°C to(-)60°C  


PSA nitrogen for these and many other applications.

Ø Refineries and chemical plants
Ø Bear, wine and juices
Ø Oil and gas platforms
Ø Storage of fruits and vegetables
Ø Metal-treatment
Ø Tankers and storage tanks
Ø Food Packaging
Ø Pipelines

Product Details:

Capacity 1Nm3/hr To 500Nm3/hr
Purity Up To 99.999%
Pressure Up To 10 Bar
Dew Point Up To (-) 80~C
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