Refrigerated Air Dryer

Technical Specifications.

 Air Capacity: 50 to 500 CFM
 Dew Point : Up to (-) 25°C
 Operating Pressure: 1 to 50 Kg/cm2g


For lager air drying capacities, typically above 500 CFM we offer. It is a skid mounted unit consisting of air-Freon
chiller Air to Air pre-cooler and a moisture separator. First air is pre-cooled with outing chilled air to around 25°C and
then it is cooled in a Freon cooler to (+)3°C temperature. This reduces power consumption. Outgoing dry air has
(+)3°C Pressure Dew Point and comes out at around 25 C temperature. (+) 3°C Dew Point is equal to around (-) 25°C
Atmospheric pressure Dew point.

Dew Point:

(-) 25°C is the best possible Dew Point achievable from Refrigerated Air Dryers. Lower Dew Point is not possible from
Refrigerated Dryer as moisture condensed would start freezing on Freon tubes if lower dew point are tried. This (-)
25°C Dew Point is adequate for most dry air applications and instrument air requirements.

Product Details:

Application Vapor Removing
Certification CE Certified, ISO 9001-2008 Certified
Driven Type Electric, Hydraulic
Condition New, Used
Voltage 110V, 220V, 440V
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